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Most Fashionable Summer Event Catering Services

The milkshake bar is custom designed by Panini Catering and is fully stocked with a blender and experts to make thick, creamy milkshakes for your guests. There are flavors that your guests can choose from such as Strawberry, Orange Cream, Death by Chocolate, Homemade Vanilla, and Low Sugar Beach Freeze. They are also welcome to create their own design out of the seasonal fruit and other ingredients that come along with the milkshake services.

Similar to the milkshake bar, the smoothie bar comes equipped with a blender for the caterers to make fresh smoothies for your summer event. It comes equipped with everything you need including a sound enclosure so the sound of the blender is hardly noticeable. The pre-designed recipes include Strawberry Delight, Orange Cream, Caramel Creamsicle, Java Freeze, and Low Sugar Berry Blast. Like the milkshake bar, your guests can also customize their drink to their exact specifications.

If drinks aren't what you want to be the cherry on top of your event, then the ice cream sundae bar is a sweeter option to the milkshakes and smoothies. This station comes with many different customizable varieties of ice cream and toppings to create each guest's unique sundae. For a full listing of toppings and flavors, call Randy Holdford at 901-409-7409.


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