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Caspian Kabob

(1 Review)
  • 19911 N. Frederick Rd.
  • Germantown ,Maryland
  • 301 353-0000

Malek .

(1 Review)
  • 20050 Vanowen Street Unit J
  • Canoga Park ,California
  • 818 887-5450

Orchid Grill

(1 Review)
  • 19649 Ventura Boulevard .
  • Tarzana ,California
  • 818 343-3204

Panteha Biner

(1 Review)
  • ..
  • LA & OC ,Alabama
  • 310 720-7949

Message from the Editor

I don't know about you, but no matter what diet I am on at any given time, I have to have my chelo-kabab (and not the washed version, but the works:onion, doogh, somaagh,...etc.)at least once a week. So part of the reason we have decided to start this site, is to serve those of you who need to find Persian food, no matter where they are. The goal is to have every single Iranian (or Iranian owned)restaurant listed, along with all the relevant information about it. For example, you can find out what kind of food they serve, what the price range is, if they have live music, or if there is a Persian grocery store next door. You can make this list even more comprehensive by sending us the name of a restaurant we have missed, and have us add it to the roster.

Additionally,if you own a restaurant anywhere in the United States, make sure we have you and your dining establishment listed on our site and please let me know how we can help you in your pursuits. You can contact me at any time at

One of Us :: Mike Arbabi

IC(Iranian-Caterers): How long have you worked in the catering industry?

Mike(Mike Arbabi): I have worked in the catering industry for 25 years.

IC: What skills do you need to have to be a manager in catering?

Mike: These are the skills you need to be a manager in catering: Professional, Knowledge of cooking,Adaptable, Ability to manage and train staff, Good listener, Ability to communicate with clients, staff and boss,To be a leader and lead by example, Knowledge of all legislation (i.e., food safety, health safety, laws, Awareness of cost of food, Ability to manage profit.

IC: What skills do you need to have to be an employee in catering?

Mike: These are the skills you need to have to be a catering employee: Knowledge of all relevant Legislation (e.g. food safety etc),Reliable ,Willingness to learn, Flexible, Certified and experienced with cooking, Professional

IC: What would do think would be the first thing you would do when starting your own catering business? And what would follow on from this?

Mike: These are the steps I would carry out when starting my own catering business:

The first thing you must consider is the amount of capital that you have to invest in your business.

Then you must carry out Market Research either by yourself or by marketing professionals. This will allow you to assess your competitors and the catering industry.

Create Business Plan for bank

Create Competitive Strategy

Location would be the next factor to consider

Contact Environmental Health Advice and then register with them

Talk to suppliers for discounted rates

Contact businesses and offer to provide catering


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